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The advantages of mpleo

What are the key features of mpleo?


With Mpleo, you choose an HR solution that is tailored to your company and that contains all the things you need. It is our tool that adapts to your reality, not the other way around. This way, you will always be able to respond to the specific needs and standards of your context, as well as to continuously evolve your application.


The cloud-based nature of mpleo guarantees optimal accessibility to your software. Wherever you are, using just a web browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer (PC or Mac), you will always have direct access to your HR application, data and modules.


To be able to fulfil its various missions properly, the HR department must communicate well internally, as everything is interlinked. An example: absence management and payroll are inevitably linked, as are training and talent & performance management. That is why every module of mpleo is able to communicate with other modules. Furthermore, it is also possible to integrate mpleo with other software tools, such as your own payroll management software.

Together, we connect the dots and centralize all your data and applications.

The result: you can control everything from a single system: mpleo!

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