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The challenge

In a small organization, everyone knows each other and lots of knowledge is implicit. People discuss and perform their tasks through informal connections and implicit decision-making processes. The bigger the organization gets, however, the more complicated and specialized everything becomes, and the bigger the risk that information gets lost along the way. Let’s take the organizational chart as an example: in many organizations, people don’t actually know all the different departments nor who is responsible for leading them. This contributes to a kind of tunnel vision on their own team or department (silo thinking) – something you definitely want to avoid. It is also a source of time loss, as people will have to ask around for e.g. who is responsible for X, or send e-mails asking for basic company documents.

The solution

mpleo enables you to digitize and centralize your entire organizational structure and all company-wide documentation so that it is accessible to all employees anywhere, anytime. People will for example be able to find new recruits, consult a dynamic organizational chart and access a who’s who search function. They will also be able to get a quick overview of the roles and responsibilities of every employee as well as have access to important company documents. As a result, they will have better knowledge and a better understanding of the company's structure and organization.

I plan my demo

What’s in it for your HR department?

Our #MyOrganization module will help HR to:

  • Create and modify the organizational chart
  • Create a searchable who’s who page in one click
  • Centralize important company documents so they are available anytime, anywhere
  • Post news flashes

What’s in it for your employees?

Our #MyOrganization module enables your employees to:

  • Have a dynamic view on the organizational chart
  • Access a searchable who’s who page
  • Access company documents
  • See what’s going on in the news section

What’s in it for your organization?

Our #MyOrganization module will help your organization to:

  • Promote a better understanding of your organization
  • Promote better collaboration
  • Decrease time loss

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