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HR Software

mpleo, a digital and modular solution that covers all HR aspects.

From managing absences and presences to expense notes, payroll, talent & performance management and much more! Together, we optimize and digitalize your HR processes.


Our modules allow you to successfully recruit thanks to the digitisation and automation of processes. With our customized modules, you can easily organise and plan the recruitment, arrival and onboarding of your new colleagues !


Focus on selecting the best talents, we do the rest.

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Enable your new hires to hit the ground running and be maximally engaged.

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Tired of having to juggle several software programs to manage your employees' day-to-day activities? Thanks to our HR software and modules, you can have your employees' payroll, timesheets and expenses managed in one place. This is a great way to increase efficiency and have more time for value-added tasks.


Integrate your payroll data and get the full picture.

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Make managing your personnel files a breeze.

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Get your work done instead of spending hours organizing it.

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Take full control over your fleet while gaining time.

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Manage your people's equipment with ease. These are their tools and your assets.

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Help your people to track their hours spent.

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Make handling absences easy, for you and for your employees.

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Enable your people to manage their presence fast and easily.

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Don’t lose time registering time – focus on what really matters!

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Manage paper receipts super easy and free yourself from endless administration.

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Managing your talent requires tools to help them grow. They need to be able to feel that they are evolving in their careers and enriching their knowledge. Performance management and training can be facilitated with our dedicated modules. Need to manage the departure of an employee? Nothing could be easier than organising a handover with our HR software!


Performance starts with engagement.

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Develop the skills and competences of your people.

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Don’t lose time organizing and managing your training activities.

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Take learning beyond the classroom.

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Do not leave the future of your organization to chance!

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Managing your organisation and giving your employees more responsibility also means empowering them. Our modules allow you to centralise and digitise the management of your personal data. This means that you offer them the possibility of managing part of their files themselves while relieving the HR team of administrative burdens.


Keep personnel files up to date.

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Connect, inform and involve your people in everything you do.

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Thanks to our standard APIs, you can easily connect to mpleo. It is also possible to import or export data automatically via XLS or CSV files.

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Security and GDPR

HRWEB is a company whose business is at the heart of resilience activities. HRWEB provides its services to prestigious clients who demand high availability and confidentiality of their information, as well as compliance with current laws and regulations.

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Discover Start mpleo

You are an SME and would like to have a ready-to-use, standard and fast software? Discover our "Start mpleo" offer, usable immediately and adapted to your needs!

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