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Enable your new hires to hit the ground running and be maximally engaged.

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Onboarding Management

The challenge

New hires want to feel at ease, have access to all the right tools and information, and be productive as quickly as possible. They want to make a good impression and contribute. As an organization, too, the stakes are quite high: the whole recruitment and integration process is costly, so you want to enable new employees to hit the ground running, feel at home in the team and create value as fast as possible. If new hires lack tools, information or social contacts, for example, this will increase their time to productivity. Moreover, a chaotic process will also lower their level of engagement. Finally, you also know that the onboarding process is their first impression of your company.

A similar narrative goes for your offboarding process. These are your last touchpoints with your employee – and this experience often lasts a long time – so make sure that you part ways in the best possible manner. In addition, it is business-critical to ensure follow-up and continuity of tasks and responsibilities. Finally, exit interviews, while never fun, can provide you with valuable information.

Despite the common goals, however, onboarding and offboarding processes are often suboptimal, both for your people and for your organization. An important reason for this is that these are often manually managed activities. The underlying processes are repetitive and involve a lot of administration. Indeed, for every new hire, for example, a recurring set of actions have to be performed: creating a contract, preparing a computer, making sure that trainings are scheduled, etc. The collaboration this requires between HR and IT isn’t self-evident either. The same goes for the offboarding process. Nothing new on the horizon here, yet many organizations do not have a digital solution that can help them to save time and ensure consistent, high-quality onboarding and offboarding experiences. Instead, they lose time and quality due to manual work.

The solution

mpleo enables you to digitize and automate the onboarding and offboarding processes of your employees. This will save you a lot of time and ensure a consistent and high-quality experience. A streamlined onboarding process will allow your new employees to get a head start, feel comfortable in the team and be productive as quickly as possible. Offboarding, on the other hand, is never fun, but a well-optimized offboarding process benefits both parties a lot.

I plan my demo

What’s in it for your HR department?

Our #MyOnboarding module will help HR to:

  • Create standardized onboarding processes, ensuring consistent quality and saving time
  • Make sure new hires can get started fast & easily
  • Create a good employee experience right from the start
  • Survey new hires to get valuable info on the onboarding process and their level of engagement
  • Offboard employees in the best possible way (automated workflows, exit conversations,…)

What’s in it for your employees?

  • Be productive and contribute fast by having access to all the right equipment
  • Easily integrate with functions like who’s who page, organizational chart,…
  • Access to corporate documents (e.g. company policies)
  • Subscribe to trainings
  • Complete their own personnel files

What’s in it for your organization?

Our #MyOnboarding solution helps your organization to:

  • Create a great employee experience, which has a direct impact on your employer brand
  • Maximize employee engagement as well as productivity
  • Concentrate on your people, not on processes, checklists and manual workflows
  • Ensure consistent, high-quality onboardings
  • Create a good offboarding process to round things off in possible way and ensure continuation

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