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Recruitment Management

The challenge

Today’s job market is very competitive, and candidates have increasingly high expectations of your recruitment process. Finding and recruiting the right people, therefore, is often quite a challenge. Candidates (especially the good ones!) have many opportunities, and each of them prefer a different recruitment channel. Some candidates may enter through your website, others through job databases, still others through recruitment agencies, events, referrals, ... You don’t respond to applications fast enough? Tough luck, your candidate is hijacked by another organization! You don’t post your vacancies on multiple channels at once? Too bad, because opportunities of other companies will reach your candidates faster and more often.

A strong online presence and good candidate experience all-around are imperative in today’s job market. Such a process includes writing a good job description that stands out from the rest, placing it on different channels (and thus matching the message to the channel), publishing it in different languages and styles, following up all candidacies, responding to candidates in a timely manner, planning interviews, etc.

To achieve this, your recruiters need to be able to spend a maximum amount of time and energy interacting with candidates. Unfortunately, however, they often don't have the right tools to help them do so. Too often they still use e-mails, Word documents or Excel files and waste time with repetitive, administrative work. This hinders your recruiters from focusing on what matters most: finding, evaluating and hiring the right people. And that, in turn, damages the future potential of your organization.

The solution

mpleo can digitize, centralize and automate a large part of your recruitment process. By doing so, our solution enables you to focus on the human aspect and create the best possible experience for the candidate.

What’s in it for your HR department?

Our #MyRecruitment module will help HR to:

  • Create the best possible candidate experience
  • Add, edit, remove and keep track of all vacancies
  • Gain access to more talent by posting vacancies on many different platforms
  • Automatically assemble all applications and candidate data in one tool
  • Easily follow up on the status of vacancies and candidates
  • Plan and execute actions (e.g. plan conversations, send e-mails,…)
  • Send automated responses (multilingual) (without having to use your own mailbox)
  • Build a reserve list of candidates for the future
  • Easily turn a candidate into an employee
  • Evaluate recruitment channels, periods, … with reports and dashboards
  • Not worry about GDPR compliancy

What’s in it for your employees?

Our #MyRecruitment module will enable your employees to:

  • Have an overview of all vacancies at any specific time
  • Easily apply for vacancies (promoting internal mobility)
  • Refer people and be assured that the recruitment process will go smoothly

What’s in it for your organization?

Our #MyRecruitment tool helps your organization to:

  • Improve your access to talent by building a strong online presence
  • Increase candidate retention rates by improving the candidate experience
  • Have quicker access to talent in the future by building a reserve list
  • Avoid painful mistakes that hurt your reputation and brand (e.g. not replying to an application!)
  • Lower recruitment costs by automating and digitalizing processes, and by integrating tools
  • Create reports and dashboards on important metrics
  • Be GDPR compliant


Audience Benefits
List of features
Refine your strategy & improve governance
Improve & automate processes
Centralize & integrate data and applications
Put your people in the driver seat
Add, edit and remove vacancies
Have an overview of all vacancies
Post vacancies on multiple channels
Automatically import candidate data from different channels and platforms
Assign a status to vacancies and candidates
Filter vacancies (e.g. by business unit, team lead, channel,…)
Create and execute tasks per application and/or candidate
Evaluate candidates using surveys
Send automated e-mails (multilingual)
Plan appointments
Create a reserve list of candidates
Automated reports & dashboards
Easily create MS Excel exports
Ensure GDPR compliancy

Transversal features

Audience Benefits
List of features
Refine your strategy & improve governance
Improve & automate processes
Centralize & integrate data and applications
Put your people in the driver seat
Stay up-to-date with news flashes & alerts
Create workflows in line with your company needs
Create dashboards (reports, graphs, excel exports,…)

Focus on selecting the best talents, we do the rest.

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