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Posted the 14 April 2023




At mpleo, we work with a user-centric spirit. We continuously strive to improve our software so that it meets the (fast changing) needs of users and our customers.

This requires collaborative and agile way of working from conceptualization to production. Here is our roadmap for 2023.

A new inbox and news management, 100% responsive

The new inbox will give a fully centralized view of all notifications regarding your business.

For an easy overview, these notifications could be filtered by their target (who does it concern? Yourself? Your team? Your collaborators?) so that you know quickly where to intervene, and this, easily, on all interfaces (i.e. desktop, tablet and mobile).

Centralizing the functionalities of the onboarding process

All on-boarding functionalities will be centralized under the mpleo administration module.

This will allow you to set up all the stages of onboarding new employees from the same place.

You can assign tasks to people to prepare for the arrival of a new employee, manage the necessary documents, sign them electronically, and much more.

A new version of the training module with improved cost management, KPIs and dashboards.

For a more intuitive use, the navigation will be simplified and the e-learning module will be fully integrated into the training module. New functionalities will also be available: a fully centralized training catalog, the management of a training budget and a training plan per employee, the possibility to include informal trainings, improved cost management for training as well as as performance indicators and more flexible dashboards.

A new electronic signature compatible with eID and Itsme

Electronic signature is now available in mpleo.

This will allow your company and employees to perform many administrative processes without paper e.g. employment contract, work regulations, company car or any other document requiring a signature.

No more paperwork, heavy document management, mailings and other scans with a drastically reduced risk of error and filing.

A new feature to manage the employee development journey

The feature will be part of the training module and will allow you to set up trainings that your employees must complete within a specific timeframe.

These training sessions will be part of your employees' individual training plan, which they can access at any time to monitor their progress.

Integration of e-learning in the training module

E-learning will be fully integrated into the new version of the training module, allowing easy follow-up of training regardless of the type: face-to-face, informal, readings and e-learning.

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