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Make #MyCar

Take full control over your fleet while gaining time.

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Fleet Management

The challenge

Your fleet is essential to the well-functioning of your organization. However, if your people do not have access to the right support tools, they will lose valuable time trying to manage everything manually. Indeed, fleet management can be a real headache: creating company car policies, negotiating with leasing companies, managing contracts, renewing them in time, managing insurances, fuel cards, parking spaces, damage claims, taxes,… Manually managing all of this takes up far too much time and costs a lot of money.

The solution

mpleo enables you to manage every aspect of your fleet in one tool. With our tool, you centralize, digitize and automate your fleet management. This will save you a lot of time, reduce your costs, all while improving your governance.

I plan my demo

What’s in it for the HR department?

Our #MyCar module will help HR to:

  • Automate processes and centralize all data related to your fleet
  • Manage all the aspects of your fleet (contracts, fuel cards,…)
  • Manage parking places
  • Easily manage budgets
  • Generate insights with reports & dashboards

What’s in it for your employees?

Our #MyCar module will enable your employees to:

  • See the details of their car (like the duration of the leasing contract)
  • Consult the history of their vehicle, like maintenance, tire swaps, etc.
  • Get notifications about their vehicle, for example about maintenance and contract termination.
  • Communicate using built-in forms (support tickets)
  • Follow-up on exempt amounts (insurance costs for employees)

What’s in it for your organization?

Our #MyCar solution will help your organization to:

  • Easily manage your fleet
  • Centralize all data in one tool
  • Automate processes
  • Keep track of budgets
  • Create reports on important metrics in just a few clicks

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