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Performance starts with engagement.

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Performance Management

The challenge

Ensuring that your people perform well and develop the right skills and competencies is already a great challenge in itself. But what about keeping an overview of all their goals, competences and development plans? What about aligning objectives, defining them in an agile way, monitoring your organization's potential, ensuring succession for key functions?

Performance management is an essential part of your HR practice. However, it also requires a lot of time and energy, even more so without the right tools. Furthermore, performance management is also one of the most heavily debated topics in the HR field. Numerous studies and entities question the usefulness and validity of the performance appraisal systems many organizations have in place today. The American analytics and research company Gallup, for example, states that only 2 in 10 employees believe their performance management is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work... Furthermore, 74% of employees indicate that they only receive a performance review once a year or less often.

And indeed, existing systems are often too rigid, too slow, and too top-down for the fast-moving, uncertain world we live in today. For example, you may not want to wait 6 to 12 months to adjust someone’s objectives or give feedback on behavior… However, very few people would actually argue to get rid of performance management altogether. Quite the contrary. For example: the same analytics and research company as referenced before, shows that the frequency of feedback is the key to engaging your workforce. Employees who know where they are going (clear expectations and objectives) and what they are going to be evaluated on (transparency), are more engaged. And numerous studies, including their own, have shown that higher engagement leads to higher performance, and lower absenteeism as well as lower churn.

So where does all of this leave us? How to approach performance management? Despite the debates, many experts agree on this: the new approach to performance management should be more agile, more collaborative and more frequent. Indeed, dynamic adjustments of objectives, high-quality conversations between line managers and their employees, and frequent feedback are the basic building blocks.

The solution

mpleo enables you to manage the entire performance management process in a different way. It is a powerful solution that allows you to define and track objectives, send surveys, perform evaluations, build and access a performance and potential matrix, etc. Together, we will digitize, streamline and automate your processes.

What’s in it for your HR department?

Our #MyPerformance module will help HR to:

  • Define, align and follow up on the objectives of your people and organization
  • Design a guided, standardized evaluation process that supports both managers and employees
  • Launch evaluations
  • Gather 360-degree feedback
  • Have an overview of the potential in your organization
  • Increase insight to drive performance with dashboards

What’s in it for your employees?

Our #MyPerformance module enables your employees to:

  • Be in the driver seat of their own development
  • Be actively involved in the performance review process
  • Get a better understanding of the whole process
  • Consult their objectives and competences anytime, anywhere

What’s in it for your organization?

Our #MyPerformance solution enables your organization to:

  • Create a streamlined performance management process
  • Make sure that all objectives are aligned
  • Easily see which competences are present and which need to be developed
  • Identify top talents and bottlenecks easily
  • Do succession planning


Audience Benefits
List of features
Refine your strategy & improve governance
Improve & automate processes
Centralize & integrate data and applications
Put your people in the driver seat
Create standardized evaluation forms
Launch evaluations
Define & align objectives
Consult your objectives
Launch surveys
Gather 360 degree feedback
Get an overview of the potential in your team/organization
Link with succession planning
Link with talent management
Create development plans
Link with training to easily connect performance reviews with training plans

Transversal features

Audience Benefits
List of features
Refine your strategy & improve governance
Improve & automate processes
Centralize & integrate data and applications
Put your people in the driver seat
Stay up-to-date with news flashes & alerts
Create workflows in line with your company needs
Create dashboards (reports, graphs, excel exports,…)

Performance starts with engagement.

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