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Talent Management

The challenge

To really contribute to the strategic goals of your organization, you first have to translate those goals into concrete skills & competences. Otherwise, you will sail blind trying to recruit the right talents and trying to develop your people in the right direction.
And even if you have an overview of all the skills and competences your organization needs, it takes a lot of work to continuously evaluate and develop your people. Without the right tools and processes, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of competence matrixes, goal-setting, evaluations forms,…

Why talent management is so important?

Recruiting the right people is the first step. The second step consists of a smart talent management strategy and process to make sure that people have opportunities to keep growing and learning.
There are three main reasons as to why talent management is important:

  • Research shows that being able to grow and learn is a powerful motivator.
  • Having an overview of all the different talents in your organization is of huge value and enables you to e.g. conduct a SWOT analysis:
    • What talents do you already have (compared to the ones your organization needs)?
    • What talents do you risk losing in the near future?
    • What talents are lacking? Etc.The answers to these questions are essential input for both your recruitment and your training department.
  • The integration of performance management and talent management is very powerful. During the performance management cycle, the performance and general attitude of people are evaluated. The result serves as a great input to your talent management process, as it shows in what ways an individual can grow. People can then also co-define training objectives to realize the desired development. That’s why combining our talent management, performance management and training management solutions results in one integrated, powerful solution.

The solution

mpleo enables you to assess and develop the skills and competencies of your staff, and allows you to integrate performance management, talent management and training, as all these elements are interconnected. Our solution puts your people in the driver seat of their own development and fosters a culture of transparency and continuous growth.

I plan my demo

What’s in it for your HR department?

Our #MyTalent module will help HR to:

  • Define competency profiles at multiple levels (e.g. company, function)
  • Create a dynamic competence dictionary
  • Assess the skills & competences of the entire workforce
  • Conduct a competence SWOT analysis
  • Integrate with training
  • Integrate with performance management
  • Create development plans
  • Take care of qualification and accreditation

What’s in it for your employees?

Our #MyTalent module enables your employees to:

  • Have an overview of their skills and competences
  • See how they score and evolve
  • See what competences are required (and which level of mastery) for their function
  • Easily keep track of qualifications and accreditations
  • Get notifications when qualifications/accreditations need to be renewed

What’s in it for your organization?

Our #MyTalent solution enables your organization to:

  • Easily keep an overview of all skills and competences in your organization
  • Conduct a strategic SWOT analysis
  • Link with recruitment and training to fill in the gaps
  • Ensure compliance with regards to accreditation and certification

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