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Make #MyTimesheet

Help your people to track their hours spent.

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Timesheet Management

The challenge

Business is becoming increasingly complicated, with many internal and external projects running in parallel, people working at different locations, clients demanding detailed overviews of time spent, … Timesheet tools can be of great value, allowing people and organizations to record the time they have spent on a task or project. Generally speaking, there are two use cases:

  • Using timesheets to keep track of billable hours, so you can invoice your clients correctly and accordingly
  • Using timesheets to monitor projects and keep them on track

The first use case is clear and widespread. The second use case, on the other hand, is on the rise, as project-based work becomes increasingly more common. In that context, timesheets have become invaluable, allowing to monitor time spent and keep projects on track. To measure is to know!

However, keeping track of your billable hours and logging them somewhere centrally can be a complex undertaking if you do not have the right tools at hand. It would be unfortunate if your people lose valuable time trying to manually keep track of their hours spent instead of actually performing their work. And then we haven’t even talked about integrating this data into your payroll system and/or invoicing system. Without the right toolsprocesses and integrations, you lose the possibility to create reports and dashboards about time spent as a business owner or manager. Seriously, manual Excel files and copy-pasting data between different tools is not the right way. It’s not only time-consuming, but also prone to errors and limiting in terms of reporting capabilities.  

The solution

mpleo enables you to make time tracking easy for everyone, everywhere. Our solution also allows your managers to assign people to projects – their personal calendars will be automatically adjusted!

I plan my demo

What’s in it for HR and line managers?

Our #MyTimesheets module will help HR and line managers to:

  • Track their own time spent
  • Match it with clients, projects and/or tasks
  • Allocate employees to projects – their calendars will be automatically updated!
  • Validate time spent of employees
  • Improve governance with dashboards (per project, client, employee,…)
  • Integrate timesheet data with absence & presence management, giving you the full picture
  • Integrate timesheet data with your invoicing system

What’s in it for your employees?

Your employees will be able to:

  • Have an always-up-to-date calendar
  • Register time spent in just one click
  • Indicate whether time spent is billable or not

What’s in it for your organization?

Our #MyTimesheets tool helps your organization to:

  • Make time tracking easy for everyone, everywhere
  • Have access to reports and dashboards that help to monitor your business and keep everything on track
  • Integrate with your payroll and/or invoicing system

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