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Don’t lose time organizing and managing your training activities.

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Training management

The challenge

Continuous learning is the key to the long-term success of your organization. That's why offering and managing training is an essential part of your HR practice. Of course, this means putting in place processes and resources that deal with the offering, organization and management of training. And, most likely, you make this your priority, keeping up with changes in legislation, managing budget constraints, handling incoming training requests and, most importantly, ensuring that people are moving in the right direction. But do you have any efficient learning management tool to help you to achieve these goals? Or are you, too, juggling with complicated Excel files, planning schedules, attendance lists, evaluation forms, reports,…? Without the right tools, you could lose a lot of time, and this can have a negative impact on the efficiency and profitability of your business.

The solution

mpleo enables you to centralize, digitize and automate training management in order to decrease the administrative burden. This will allow you to focus on what matters most: ensuring that your employees are evolving in the right direction, while helping you to keep an eye on important elements such as costs and legal requirements.

I plan my demo

What’s in it for your HR department?

Our #MyTalent module will help HR to:

  • Offer a complete training catalogue to your people
  • Put your employees in the driver seat of their own growth
  • Easily stay on top of incoming requests & required trainings
  • Plan, evaluate and budget in one tool
  • Easily integrate training into your performance appraisal process
  • Gain insights with pre-built dashboards & reports

What’s in it for your employees?

Our #MyTraining solution will allow your people to:

  • Take their development into their own hands
  • Have access to a training catalogue & send training requests
  • See mandatory trainings for their specific function
  • Plan training sessions and have a calendar overview of past & upcoming training activities
  • Easily confirm attendance
  • Evaluate training sessions and suppliers

What’s in it for your organization?

More specifically, our #MyTalent module will help your organization to:

  • Make sure that the right skills & competences are developed
  • Enforce mandatory trainings to meet legal requirements
  • Easily integrate training into the performance appraisal process
  • Keep an eye on important metrics such as budgets
  • Easily create reports for the social balance (annual report)
  • (Luxemburg: create the INFPC reports)

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